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Custom Products

Whether you’re looking for a plain commercial or something completely unique, we’ll work with you to get it right. Any of our stock items can be customized to fit your specific needs, or we can manufacture a completely custom product from scratch. Take a look at some of our capabilities below to see what we can do for you.


From simple corner copy to full-color artwork, W U S offers a variety of printing methods for your convenience. The method of printing used depends on the customer’s exact need and budget.


If you prefer to supply us with the appropriate paper, we will be happy to convert it into the envelope of your choice. Paper sent to us for conversion may be either plain or printed; whichever best suits your needs. For the finest quality and most economical results, it is important that any converting work be discussed in detail with us, prior to ordering paper. Variables, such as sheet size, grain direction, type of paper, printing layout, bleeds and varnish, can all work to your benefit when the job is properly designed.

Stock and Making

Many times it is more convenient to request paper from us for your flat sheet envelope printing needs. We will be happy to send to you the appropriate grade, weight, and color of stock, trimmed to the correct size. This feature reduces your waste factor, since we work from a wide variety of standard sheet sizes. In addition, you will be working with papers that are specially engineered to be used for envelope converting, giving the proper fold ability and tear strength to the envelope.

Custom Manufacturing

Envelope size, style, construction, flap size/style, window size/location, paper grade, weight, color, inside tints, and more can all be modified to produce exactly the envelope you desire. Simply give us a call and our representatives will be happy to help you design the envelope of your choice.

Special Operations

Whether you’re in need of a clasp, string & button, eyelet, or any other custom component, our special operations department has you covered.

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