Environmental Policy

Over the years we have maintained a strict environmentally friendly production policy. Many of the products of W. U. Seneviratne & Company (Pvt) Ltd. are manufactured using recycled raw material and bio-degradable cellophane. In all our future development plans, we will always ensure that production efficiency goes in tandem with social responsibility.

With the paper bag manufacture, we have the best and the highest quality of paper as raw material. We have food grade and food ink grade material as a well, to ensure that the consumers will not be eating off unhealthy material.

Disaster Management

The whole management have been equipped with this factor, by initiating and taking the most necessary precautions of preventing ourselves by getting located in Pannipitiya, the highest pointed area in the whole Colombo District. By this we do not have any threats of natural disasters. But apart from that we do hold a separate supplementary factory, equipped with all the mandatory machines & the essentials in addition to the main factory to overcome any emergency situations.

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