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Chairman’s Message

Every person had a soul and that soul has a journey that they’re supposed to push forward and have faith over the journey they are set on, but when you have somebody there who’s helping you along, you can get twice as far and twice as fast.

Chairman of W.U.Seneviratne & Co Pvt Ltd

Board of Directors

It is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to share a thought on behalf of the Board of Directors of W.U.Seneviratne & Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Looking back to the beginning in 1994 the company was established as a self-effacing family business with passion and faith to increase and expand in whatever field of manufacturing there is, since then we have been raised to be the prominent manufacturer in the envelope market place with the excessive support of our fellow employees whom we trust are the most experienced and the knowledgeable in the industry.

It says that undivided attention is more than outstanding customer service at W.U.Seneviratne & Company (Pvt) Ltd it goes beyond par. We are totally business driven boldly concentrating on offering the best service to our clients and trying of being the best. We started manufacturing Paper Bags from the year of 2015, and our board could not have chosen a better field to expand our market and our client list. Our customer processes gives them an edge where their time could be reduced in the market with an all in all service package starting from envelopes to data printing to courier services.

With our custom solutions and applying our industry-focused processes, realizing saving and driving innovations, we look forward in serving our prestige customers at our utmost standards throughout our business expedition alongside our dedicated customer driven staff.

We take pride on ourselves on daring to push the boundaries of creativity and solutions in order to mould the business to a next level. Thank you and wish you all a brighter future ahead.


To be a growth oriented company throughout the globe with a firm commitment of.


Our mission is to increase current capacities and its downstream operations to achieve economies of scale and to establish ourselves as the pioneer producer in quality products through continual improvement in performance meeting with the customer's expectation and strive for developing value added options from side stream by products while leading the mail logistics companionship in the south Asian region

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