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Envelopes Manufacturers In Sri Lanka

Automated Premier Envelopes

For - Goverment Offices

For - Bank Offices

For - Industrial Offices

For - Finance Offices

For - Educational Offices

For - Any types of company or personnel

Kraft Paper Bags In Sri Lanka
Food Paper Bags Manufactures In Sri Lanka

Automated Paper Bags

For - Goverment Offices

For - Banks & Educational Institutional

For - Restaurants & Cafes

For - Pharmacies

For - Wine Stores

For - Clothing Sector

For - Events

For - Any type personal use

All Types Of Paper Bags Supplier In Srilanka

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W.U.Seneviratne & Company (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated the year 1994 to manufacture and distribute quality envelope and paper bags that are all degradable material of all grades; continuously to all sectors, such as major institutions, capital markets, multinational and conglomerates.



In short of our service clarification

All types of Commercial Printing

Offset Printing - Magazines / Brochure’s / Booklets/ Etc. , Flexo Printing - All kinds of roll & sheet printing, Security Data printing - All kinds bank and credit card accounts statements

All types of Envelopes

Commercial envelopes,Pharmacy envelopes,Paper dockets

All types of Duplex Boxes and Packaging related items

Milk powder boxes,Gift boxes,Food carriers,Medical boxes,Boxes for packaging bakery products

All types of Paper bags

Food graded paper bags,Customize shopping bags,Paper bags

What is a Paper Bag ?

A paper bag is a bag made out of only components of paper. Paper bags are commonly used as Shopping bags, food bags, Grocery bags, Pharmaceuticals, ect.

Importance of Paper Bags ?

Paper bags are gaining importance as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time environment friendly and pose less threat to wildlife. It requires less energy for paper bags to be recycled than plastic bags.

What does Degradable ?

It is defined as being able to be broken down by natural processes, into more basic components. Bacteria, fungi or any simple organism usually breaks down products.

How can you be apart of this change ?

Use paper, use degradable paper! Yes, you can save our planet


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